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Expert ADA Attorney

If you own property open to the public or a tenant offering goods and services to the public, you may end up in an ADA lawsuit. You may be involved in an ADA lawsuit, settle it, and find yourself in a second and third lawsuit, which becomes very frustrating and costly.

ADA Lawsuit Allegations

When the actual lawsuit is filed, you will most likely receive multiple letters from attorneys claiming to settle your lawsuit for flat fees of $500-$1,500. Be careful of this flat fee approach, and remember the old saying,” You get what you pay for.” Most flat-rate attorneys do not have your long-term best interest in mind. Often, they will instruct you only to correct the allegations within the lawsuit so they can settle quickly and not spend any time on your lawsuit. The problem with this is the law firm that filed the lawsuit only named a few allegations in hopes you will only correct a few, which leaves the door open for the subsequent lawsuit. For example, the lawsuit claims three allegations, yet the CASp report states there are 10. So, if you only correct the 3, the door is open for a second lawsuit for the remaining seven, where multiple cases continue.

CASp & Expert Attorneys

When working with ACR’S TEAM approach, our expert ADA attorney works with the ADA Design Professional and the CASp inspector to confirm the allegations or rule them out, which leads to reduced settlement costs. ACR and our expert TEAM attorney suggest that our clients correct their property according to the CASp report and new design, not the allegations. The law requires a complete Accessible Route, not just an ADA parking place with signage.

Working with ACR

When you work with our TEAM approach, you will have competitive attorney fees, a quality CASp report, ADA Design, ADA contractor, city permit, approved plans, and a CASp RE-inspection at no additional cost. This is the best way to document your property and create a recorded threshold date with the city of when the property was brought into compliance correctly. This approach has been proven to work over the years. Our expert attorney is a TEAM member and not a part of the ACR staff; therefore, there is no conflict with ADA professionals.