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ADA Construction


Become Compliant The First Time

What does ADA Access mean? The Americans with Disabilities Act, passed in 1990, is also frequently referred to as “Handicap/disabled Access.” The primary goal of ADA accessibility is to mandate that public and commercial spaces be accessible to people with disabilities. Before being prosecuted for providing insufficient disability access to the general public, a commercial property will hire a qualified Certified Access Specialist / CASP for a “Disability Access Inspection.”

For over 35 years, ACR has been an industry leader in delivering exceptional ADA solutions for commercial and residential property owners.

Full-Service Expert ADA Contractor & ADA Construction

At ACR Design & Build, we define ADA Construction as “legal construction work” since it takes understanding the federal ADA laws and the California CBC 11-B for accessibility. ACR Is a full-service Expert ADA Contractor; therefore, we do all the work in-house, from the demo, grading, and compaction to installing hot asphalt, roll and compact, sealing coating, and stripping. Most parking lots must comply with the federal ADA laws and California State building codes, and our ADA TEAM is available for CASp inspections, Reports, and re-inspections.

Getting Your Property Protected

The best approach to protecting your property against ADA and multiple lawsuits is to follow our 4-step approach with a qualified TEAM. The intent is to document all by CASp inspections and city permits. The CASp report ordered from ACR will provide the corrections per Federal and CA current California Building Code 11B for Accessibility. The next step should be to prepare the correct property layout with a completely Accessible Route, not just a sign or a Van parking stall. ACR will prepare formal drawings and details for the city having jurisdiction to obtain a city permit. This is critical for documentation since you will now have a threshold date of when the property was brought into compliance and recorded with the city for future use. Once the plans have been approved and the city permit has been obtained, ACR will provide a formal proposal to make the corrections according to the correct and recorded design. We perform all construction and design in-house to save money, time, and frustration. Once the corrections have been completed and the city inspector has signed off on the permit card, ACR takes another step towards protection that no other company does, which is providing a CASp RE-INSPECTION to confirm the work has been corrected in the event truly the city inspector has missed something. This CASp RE-INSPECTION is so critical that ACR has this performed by an independent third party and at no additional charge to eliminate any conflict through the inspection process.

Working with ACR

As ACR navigates through the documentation and correction process, we also consult with our TEAM ADA attorney to assist in settling your ADA lawsuit and obtain the best possible outcome through your settlement process by utilizing multiple strategies. The ADA TEAM approach is the best way. However, your TEAM must be qualified in all areas, so please follow the following steps:

  • Quality CASp inspection and report
  • ADA Designer to provide formal plans and city permits. ADA Contractor to perform corrections (Be careful of asphalt contractors claiming full knowledge of ADA compliance)
  • ADA Contractor to provide city permit signed off
  • CASp RE-INSPECTION to show all corrected