ADA Lawsuits Can Be Handled

The epidemic of ADA lawsuits against small businesses has just recently hit Second Street in Belmont Shore and Naples. Within the last 30 days there have been upwards of 25 lawsuits filed against small business owners in Federal Court. Typically, these lawsuits are settled between $10,000-$20,000 with the assurance that the corrections also be made […]

ADA Parking Space Common Mistakes

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has a variety of requirements that apply to parking lots. Every day I come across parking lots that do not fully meet the ADA’s Federal and State standards and leave the property owner at risk of an ADA lawsuit. In California, all businesses, apartment buildings, shopping centers or buildings […]

ADA [American with Disabilities Act] Compliance Questions and Answers

Nearly 40 percent of all ADA accessibility lawsuits in the United States are filed in the State of California. Typically, the alleged violations involve lack of disabled parking and inaccessible restrooms at businesses such as restaurants, motels, retail stores, office and apartment buildings.   Most of this is due to the conflicting access standards under California […]